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Comprehensive Building Surveys and Homebuyer Reports

Before buying a new home, it is vitally important to have received as much information as possible about the property. Riley James Surveyors Ltd in Furness Vale, High Peak, complete building surveys and homebuyer reports ensuring that clients do not experience unwelcome surprises after making their purchase.

Homebuyer Reports

When you receive a homebuyer report from Riley James Surveyors Ltd, it will consist of a wealth of information. This will include:

  • Details Regarding the Energy Efficiency of the Property
  • A Current Valuation of the Property as per the Market
  • Details Regarding the Property’s Type, Age, Location, and Accommodation
  • A Complete Summary and Professional Opinion of the Condition Ratings Indicating the Condition of the Inside, Outside, Grounds, and the Services Done within the Property
  • An Estimate of the Cost of Rebuilding and Repairing the Property for Insurance Purposes
  • An Internal Assessment of the Major Areas Including Ceilings, Floors, Roof Structure, and Bathroom Fittings
  • An External Assessment of the Major Areas Including Outside Doors, Windows, Roof Coverings, and Chimney Stacks

Residential Building Surveys

A residential building survey is typically classed as a level three service. This means that the level of report and inspection detail carried out by the chartered surveyor is more comprehensive than that of a homebuyer report, which is a level two service.

Stock Condition and Decent Home Surveys

Our expert team has vast experience in undertaking freelance stock condition and decent home surveys, a service which is provided to a variety of clients both locally and nationally. Our main expertise is in bulk surveying for councils and housing associations, although we tailor inspections and surveys to meet the specific needs of each client. We also offer similar surveys to private landlords.

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